Continuity of Leadership

From serving under Sheriff Ed Bonner to being appointed as successor for his remaining term, my commitment going forward is to continue his legacy of excellence in leadership. I am dedicated to providing Placer County with a seamless and cohesive continuity of that service.


I believe my 25+ years of service in the Placer County Sheriff’s Office has afforded me an unsurpassed level of experience that I bring to the force every day. I have grown with our community in those 25+ years, watching the growth, change and demand for seasoned leadership in our office.


It is my personal commitment to Placer County to demonstrate a noble character and provide a transparent and authentic approach to law enforcement. It is my mission to uphold the Placer County Sheriff’s core values.

Placer County Sheriff’s core values

  1. Meeting the highest standards of honesty and integrity
  2. Supporting each other in our family-centered organization
  3. We maintain pride in ourselves and affirm ownership of our work
  1. All members of the organization will treat each other with courtesy, dignity and respect
  2. We extend this treatment to the public we serve
  3. We are involved in our community and seek to become part of the world we serve
  1. We will achieve professional performance through continual training, education and commitment to our duties
  2. Management and subordinates are mutually accountable for their performance
  3. There will be a zero tolerance policy for criminal misconduct of Sheriff’s Office members, on or off duty. Such conduct will be consistently presented for legal review